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Ocala Street Cruisers is a one for all car club.  We drive old classics, new muscle, old muscle, street rods, rat rods, customs and more.


We are all about what we like to do with our cars the most....cruising. 

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Burnyzz Speed Shop
Classic Car Loans

Burnyzz Speed Shop

High performance modifications, motor builds, dyno, as well as huge classic car showroom.  1 Aspen Rd.  Ocala.


Collector Car Lending

Finance your dream car today.  Rates as low as 5%.  Apply online easily via our website.

Useful Sites

0 to 60 Calculator

How fast will it go 0 - 60?


Horsepower Guestimator

Rear wheel horsepower to crank horsepower, or the reverse.  This guestimator will get you close.


Quarter mile calculator
Add your weight + horsepower = E.T.

Click here:


For A Bodies Only.  A forum for Mopar guys who own A bodies.


Search Tempest:  Need to search Craigslist for cars or parts?  Tired of searching one city at a time?  Use this to search multiple cities with one click.

Florida Car Shows

List of shows in all parts of Florida.   Search by any specific area.


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